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THE BIG FUN DUO was born from the perils and tribulations of the Covid-19 pandemic when Steve and Jay were isolating together in Fredericton NB.


Owning a studio together had a huge advantage in allowing for experimentation and Steve and Jay to evolve what they were able to perform as only two people. 

What emerged was a smooth EDM-style fusion of organic electric instruments and progressive house beats. This is coupled with great songs and time-altering dance breakdowns that will transport you away. 

Throughout the pandemic the Duo performed countless live-streams and made dozens of CGI-rich videos for the internet and blossoming meta-verse.  


The Big Fun Duo will be performing live this summer for their first major international festival at Glastonbury UK in what will be an amazing welcome back to the world for this new and exciting sound. 

The Big Fun Duo is..

Stephen Lewis - Guitar, bass, vox, electronic drums

Jay Merrill- Guitar, Bass, Vox, Synth, loops


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